Thursday, April 18, 2013

What I did last year

These are all my Migraine Shawls, and like Jane Eyre, I stitched most of them with migraines or brain fog from my other health issues.  Yes, I stitched all of these with a migraine.

And in the days to come, I'll post my explaination on how I was able to do this.

I called this one Eagle Wings, for obvious reasons.  It was done with one skein of Pattons Lace, and Size 8 (usa) needles. (roughly 500 yds of a lace/sock weight yarn)

I sold this at Christmas at Old Fort Concho.

This one was labled Fishes, since a lady at my stitching group noticed how the 'falling leaves' pattern looked like Fishes.  This took 3 skeins of Ella Rae Extra Fine Heathers, a merino wool yarn... and Size 8 (usa) needles. (appox 200 yd of a worsted/aran weight yarn)

I traded this one for more merino wool yarn at our stitching group.  A lady brought the yarn to our yarn swap.

This was to be MY shawl.  It was stitched with 2 hanks of Aracunia Pima cotton (worsted/aran weight) and Size 8 (usa) needles. 
As you can see, this lovely lady corrected me, that this was HER shawl.  She graciously let me get photos of her and the shawl (inside my tent at Ft Concho), since I never got photos... why would I need photos if this was MY shawl?

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