Thursday, July 16, 2015

2015 Project Review More Lace Shawls

Debbie Stoler 100% Peruvian Wool 
 Hand knit in a variety of Lace Patterns
The color is a vermillion, much more purple
that this pink.
This Shawl is AVAILABLE


100% Cotton Lace Weight thread [#10].  Hand knit in a variety of lace patterns- Variegated Navy Blue.  This shawl is AVAILABLE

2015 Project Review more Lace Shawls

Lion Brand Amaze yarn, Wool/Acrylic blend
Leaf Peeper Camo, but the colors are muted
due to the hazy day.
Hand Knit in a variety of lace patterns
This shawl is AVAILABLE.

Aslan Trends 100% Pima Cotton                Ruffled Edge Lace Shawl- Eggshell color     Hand Knit in a leaf  & window lace patterns   This Shawl is AVAILABLE

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Goodness, It's been 2 years...

I am still alive.  I'm still struggling each day to stay that way.  Some days are more challenging than others, but some days I actually get to leave the house.

I am blessed to have the knitting and crochet, because they keep my busy and distracted from discomfort, and at the end of a day, I don't feel so useless, because I made 'this piece' of stitching.

I made the time today, to add the photos of things I finished over the last two years.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these shawls, or discussing a special order.. you can always find me easiest on Facebook. 
Email is: angela at chezcrochet dot com... is the most unreliable means of communication.  Most of the emails I send either return Blocked or they end up in your spam file.  You can try email, but Facebook is the better way, at this time... to reach me.

Angela 'ARNie' Grabowski

2015 Finished Projects Review

This is done with blues, browns and gray shades of Red Heart and Hobby Lobby faux mohair.  This More than Half Round shawl is an XL... and I truly do want to keep it.. but...every piece I make is open for negotiations.
I will be adding several photos of Finished pieces that I've crocheted at my crochet blog:

2015 Finished Objects Review

Lace Fichu in Louisa Harding's Cotton-Cashmiere blend in a winter white.

On the Hanger..

An XL Faroese Style shawl in various 'fuzzy' acrylics.  Primarily Lion Brand Jiffy, Red Heart Amore, and Hobby Lobby faux mohair.

This More than Half Round shawl is a XXL and done in the same 'fuzzy' acrylics as the Faroese shawl above.  Lion Brand Jiffy, Red Heart Amore, and Hobby Lobby faux Mohair.  I made this shawl to keep, but like most of the other shawls I make to keep... I'm always open to selling it.

2015 Finished Projects Review

A Lace Fichu of Leaf motifs made with 100% chunky wool from Universal Yarn...

                    On the Hanger- AVAILABLE


Lion Brand cotton, a chunky weight yarn, and yes there is a dye lot difference in color...

        On the Hanger....AVAILABLE

2015 Finished Objects Review

This is another Fichu made from dirt cheap acrylic yarn from Big Lots.  This is AVAILABLE for purchase.

This is made from the Aslan Trends 100% alapaca lace weight yarn.  Since I don't have a flash camera, the color is NOT what you see in this photo.  Check this photo for a more accurate color swatch.

On the hanger.  This is AVAILABLE for purchase.

2014 Finished Objects Review

Lace fichu done in Caron's Spa yarn.  This was SOLD last year.

Made from Wisdom Yarn Sonnet, this is a wool silk blend in a variety of denim blues.  This SOLD recently.

I have an awful photo of the Projects I made early in the year of 2014, but most of them are represented in other photos... but 3 shawls sold before I could get decent photos of them.

2014 Finished Objects Review

100% Alpaca lace weight yarn from Aslan Trends.  It was a full circle lace fichu and it recently SOLD.

Made from Cotton/Cashmiere combo from Louisa Harding, I started this as my Easter shawl for 2013, but gave it away as a birthday gift. GONE.

This shoulder capelet is made from one skien of Lion Brand Homespun; I was experimenting with cables.  The first time I showed this, it SOLD.

2014 Review of Finished Projects

A lace fichu in Wisdom Yarn Fresco- 100% Cotton [#10 size] in a variegated orange, burgundy and brown.  This one is SOLD.
One of my first Faroese Style Shawls.  This was done in Lion Brand Homespun, and it sold the very first time I showed it.  SOLD.

More of the dirt cheap acrylic from Big Lots.  I donated this lace fichu to Fort Chadbourne for their Auction.  DONATED.

2014 Finished Object Review

This was an XL Half Round lace shawl I made for me, for Easter.  It's from the Caron yarn that is merino wool combined with microfiber... Spa or Country and I can never remember which is which.  However, I didn't like the way it fit me, so I SOLD it.

This is a 3/4 Round cape made in Garter Stitch and short rows.  Done in a Red Heart Acrylic, it is XL, heavy and very warm.  This is still AVAILABLE for purchase.

Another experiment with garter stitch short rows, this includes ties to make a Cross Over for historical outfits... if you don't mind the Red Heart Acrylic yarn.  This is still AVAILABLE for purchase.

2014 Finished Objects Review

A more than half round, Lace Fichu [shoulder cape] done in Ella Rae 100% merino wool.  The color is listed as 'oatmeal.'  It is a greyish/tan.  This one is still AVAILABLE for purchase.

A Faroese Style variation, with a gusset at the bottom, this Triangle shawl is from 90% Mohair.  It is still AVAILABLE to purchase.

More than Half Round Lace Fichu, in an Ombre Orange 100% merino wool  It is still AVAILABLE for purchase.

2014 Finished Objects Review continues

A Faroese style shawl done in Stockinette stich with Paton Alpaca blend.  This is still AVAILABLE for purchase.

I truly do hate Garter stitch for anything more than accent rows, but I had to at least try one piece using it.  This is more of the Patons Alpaca Blend, done in a more than half round shawl.  This is stil AVAILABLE for purchase.

This is an old 'heathers' color of Red Heart acrylic.  The shawl itself is a complete circle, so it will qualify as an XL shawl.  It is still AVAILABLE for purchase.

2014 More finished projects

Made from a Paton's acrylic yarn, this is an historical pattern from  This was for our local stitching group's preemie donations to local hospitals. DONATED

Another cheap generic acrylic yarn simple stockinette stitch.  AVAILABLE for purchase.

More dirt cheap non name acrylic from Big Lots.  I was experimenting with short rows to make a not quite complete round shawl.  I donated this one to the auction at our family renuion. DONATED

2014 Finished Projects

 A simple Stockinette shawl from a variety of acrylic yarns. SOLD.