Thursday, July 2, 2015

Goodness, It's been 2 years...

I am still alive.  I'm still struggling each day to stay that way.  Some days are more challenging than others, but some days I actually get to leave the house.

I am blessed to have the knitting and crochet, because they keep my busy and distracted from discomfort, and at the end of a day, I don't feel so useless, because I made 'this piece' of stitching.

I made the time today, to add the photos of things I finished over the last two years.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these shawls, or discussing a special order.. you can always find me easiest on Facebook. 
Email is: angela at chezcrochet dot com... is the most unreliable means of communication.  Most of the emails I send either return Blocked or they end up in your spam file.  You can try email, but Facebook is the better way, at this time... to reach me.

Angela 'ARNie' Grabowski

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