Monday, November 30, 2009

Knitted Bead and Lace Ornament

Unfortunately, the flash really washes this out, but it does help the beads sparkle.

Granny Square Ornament

Do you see the hook on the right hand side of the square?

Tunisian Crochet Ornament

YES, those are stitches at the top of the piece! It is hanging from them on a little hook!

New Swap Package!

This is a swap package I received today!

Inside were 'coal cookies' which are one of my family favorites that we call Chocky Chocolate Chip. In fact, they are such a family favorite, that my brother has lost 3 entire batches to his dog sneaking them.

The ornaments are samples of the needlework that I do. Inside one glass ornament is a sample of Tunisian Simple Stitch with a tiny hook; in the other glass ornament is a granny square with a tiny hook, and the third ornament is delicate knitted and beaded lace covering a red glass ball.

Oh, and to round it off, was an entire box of Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. enjoying a cup right now.
Thank you, Monica for the lovely box. I was so impressed with the Ornaments, I almost forgot the goodies!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coaster Close Up

Amazing, huh?!

Swap Package!

I participated in a swap recently, and received the most amazing coaster. Well, this coaster is so beautiful, that I will be hanging it to inspire me at my work.

My Swap Partner catered to my sense of culinary adventure and sent me a Mate Tea... chocolate infused tea with all sorts of other amazing ingredients. It's a shame that you can't smell this tea. I made a mug of this last night and oh my goodness... it hit the spot.

And a green tea infused chocolate bar... that was amazing.

This package was so amazing, that I was a bit embarrased by the one I sent.