Thursday, May 18, 2017

Update on ARNie and

I am alive, but the health still severely restricts what I can do... with a compromised immune system, I don't leave the house much.  The blood disorder is managed with weekly transfusions, but I am still vulnerable to any infection someone has or might be incubating.

My site: has been offline for several days [that I know of] and I am trying to contact the company I've been with for more than a decade.  Phone messages have not been returned, emails are returning undelieverable, and my suspicions are coming to fruition.

I'm still in the early stages of recovery in discovering the site gone, so I will have to make decisions in the near future, and as soon as I do, I will let folks know.

I just didn't want folks to think the worst, when the site disappeared so suddenly.

You can find me on Facebook, I'm still stitching for peace of mind, but I'm not healthy enough to sell the books.

Angela 'ARNie' Grabowski

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