Monday, August 17, 2015

Project Review 2015

It's been a few weeks,
and I have more shawls and fichus
This is 100% hand dye wool. 
Aracunia Milodon, Fichu... shoulder shawl.

This is a full shawl, should come down
to the elbows on most folks.
It is a Wool Acrylic blend-
Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky.


Jacquie H. said...

I would like the pattern to this shawl, it's says I can find it on you other website, yet I can't seem to find out? Can you please help me out? Thank you, Jacquie

ARNie said...

My apologies for the delay in this response, my health has been challenging lately.

You can purchase the shawl itself, but there is no pattern. I do these as a free form progression, specifically, when I have migraines. They distract me from the pain.

I am not able to write these patterns coherently right now... I've tried, and they end up being too confusing or unintelligible.

I have more tests this week, to possibly offer me answers, and get my health back to a point where I can write intelligibly, again.